Failed to save data for template id



You came to this error. You do not have an idea what is going wrong.  And you are the most probably on production environment. Ok, production only bugs are part of your life. On the other side your development environment still rocks. You do not have an idea what is going wrong. Furthermore, logs seems quite unhelpful. Nothing appears there. Log files simply do not understand your pain.


Wait a bit, for a Good sake, what might be wrong? In my case, somehow file/folder access rights came across change and removed modify rights for my Apppool. Simply grant full access rights to AppData folder immediately resolved the issue.

Here you can see how that looks like on Plesk.

At the end we all should admit the error description may be more detailed and directs toward access rights issues.So, it might be worth to check some trivial obstacles like access rights while you next time get so generic error.

Happy coding, deploying, bugfixing… :)